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July 10th, 2006

We received a 'Wish List' from the two Albergues, and we will be considering which projects will come first, but, probably, all will be fulfilled.

San Martin De Porres would like to finish constructing the basketball court and purchase a 'gas stationary', which we take to mean a propane gas tank affixed to the roof of the kitchen.

Casa Hogar Don Bosco would like to be able to purchase an industrial size oven for the new kitchen, as the current oven is not capable of fulfilling their requirements, a propane gas tank installed on the roof of the kitchen so it is out of the reach of the children, tables and chairs for the dining area. The existing tables are made of concrete and are ancient and not movable.

Here is a picture of the girls' kitchen roof where they wish to install the tank. you can see where the tank is presently (very dangerous to the kids)


Our next donation is scheduled to be sent just prior to Easter 2006.

To date, in addition to the candy sales profits, we have raised just over $1100.00 from the sale of the bracelets which is earmarked to assist in completely renovating the girl's showers.

Further updates will be available as we get closer to the Easter donation date and a full report of the total donation will be available.
























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