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Chiapas State Map

Chiapas is located on the south end of Mexico, it is bounded on the east by Guatemala, on the north by Tabasco, on the west by Veracruz and Oaxaca, and to the southeast by the Pacific Ocean.

chiapas typical dress / Photo by Victor H. MirelesChiapas has a territorial extension of 4,415 km2 (1,704 mile2), and occupy the eighth place on Mexico, and a population of approximately 3'920,892 inhabitants. It has 260 km of littoral, facing it coast there is an exclusive economic zone of 87.984 km2 (33,970 mile2).

The Chiapas name come from the Nahuatl compound word "CHIA" and "APAN" (in the river), that is to say "Chia river".

In this majestic state you can find all that is offered by the nature, cut through by plentiful rivers, hills and volcanoes, and impenetrable jungles. It has hundreds of lakes, waterfalls, as well as an exceptional flora and fauna.

To the enumerated list we have to add the petroleum, since, on this state is produced a third part of the crude oil that is extracted in Mexico.

Chiapas also produce precious woods as the Mahogany and the Rosewood, that are used to make good quality furnitures and beautiful carvings.

The water of the huge dams Malpaso, Angostura and Chicoasen, is here accumulated in dozen of rivers and lagoons.

Here we only mention some of the Chiapas wonders, but visit them can take several weeks, so we recommend the visitor to choose in advance the places you want to visit, depending on available time and interest. Any way, a trip along these places will be an unforgettable and enriching experience.

The prevailing climate is the tropical Sudanese and the rainy mild with rainfalls in summer. The north area of the central valley of Chiapas is dry; and the south area is humid. It average temperature is of 20 C., and the extreme maxim is 40 C., and extreme minimum is 0 C.



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